Sunday, March 11, 2012


This morning got around to exploring my world to see if it had a new Jungle biome as introduced in the March update Minecraft. Also the Jungle is where you can find Ocelots which can be tamed and become pet cats. 

Firstly I was pretty sure there was swamp near the the NPC people village that's about a single day walk south of my spawn point in the world. I have a trail of fire markers (burning Netherack) leading all the way there in case I get lost. Once I got there I checked out my bedroom only to find a creepy NPC guy standing on my bed! (I let him live on this occasion).

Once I'd settled in to the village I started walking towards the nearby swap which luckily soon turned into Jungle! After about 3 minutes looking around I found an Ocelot!

A couple of raw fish later and it's a cat. Now to find another one so they can have kittens.

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